My goal is straightforward – to help serious small business owners increase the profitability of their business. I do this by providing a structure and system based upon real life experience that will make you the Chief Executive Officer of your business.

You may ask yourself: “Can a small business owner be a CEO?”  The answer is simple—-ABSOLUTELY!!

As the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, a business owner and consultant,  I have worked with hundreds of small businesses owners, large corporations and start-up companies. Through this, I have developed a deep understanding of how successful CEOs manage complex issues and grow their business particularly when economic conditions create some challenging situations.

The Small Business CEO really got started back in in 2017. As I was recovering from a very unexpected heart attack, I had one of those “light bulb” moments and it became clear what I would do with my second chance at life. 

I knew it was my mission to provide support and assistance to business owners of small to medium sized businesses, so I established M2K Associates. To find out more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile.

My mission expanded in 2023 when I formally launched Small Business CEO Advisory Services to provide a well-defined set of business growth tools and resources to support the small business owner.  I have created a unique blend of experience and technology to support  business owners so they can effectively identify and implement the right strategies that  will allow you maximize the growth potential of your business.

Using revolutionary business assessment software, I can pinpoint critical aspects of your business that have major profit impacts within your business. These areas are often overlooked by most business owners and are subsequently costing you thousands of dollars every year. My special talent is helping small business owners effectively develop a CEO’s mindset and operating style, which will translate into more profits.

I know the challenges and pain of being a small business owner because I have lived it.  Many times, the business can become the owner’s life and they don’t have the resources to navigate all the challenges they face. If you are looking for effective and affordable resources to help grow your business, the Small Business CEO is here for you.