Mark Kleinschmidt

Chaos to Control: Time to Hire a COO

Running a small business often feels like wearing multiple hats at once. As a founder or CEO, you juggle the roles that span from daily operations  to strategic planning. This hands-on approach is typical in the early stages, but if growth is your goal, this structure  has to change. To really grow, you need to […]

Why Finding Talent is Harder Than Ever

The current labor market has a lot of folks confused. On the one hand, we have historically low unemployment rates but on the other hand many small and large businesses are finding and retaining key talent has become extremely challenging. This situation has perplexed employers and HR professionals, leading many to reconsider traditional hiring and […]

Sizzling Summer Growth Strategies

When we think about the Summer, we think sun, vacation and relaxation. But did you know,  it’s also a golden opportunity to grow your business. Whether you’re in professional services, hospitality, retail, IT, personal care, or any other industry, the summer months provide a unique opportunities to grow. Here are some great strategies to help […]

Rocket Fuel

“Rocket Fuel” by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters provides a blueprint for businesses that want to get to the next level of growth by creating a dynamic partnership between the CEO of the business (The Visionary) and the COO (The Integrator). The clear delineation of roles and responsibilities between the CEO and the COO […]

KPIs are not just for MBAs

When the term Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is mentioned, many quickly associate it with business school curriculums or big corporations. While it’s true that the concept of KPIs are taught to MBA students,  it is crucial to understand that they are an important tool in managing a large corporation but also a small business. Basically, […]

Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself

Mike Michalowicz is one of my favorite business authors because he provides practical ideas that are easy to understand and implement to help a small business succeed. “Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself”   offers workable strategies to anyone looking to create a self-sustaining business model. The book is broken down into three phases: 1) Align, […]

How CEOs Manage Time

How CEOs Manage Time It’s the scarcest resource you have. How you allocate it matters—a lot.  Time management is just as important for a small business owner as it is for a corporate CEO.  Both positions require a significant amount of time and energy.  However, there is a problem, there is never enough time. As […]

From the CEO Bookshelf: The Structure of Success

If you are a small business owner you want to do everything possible to achieve success and avoid failure.  As the CEO of your business, you are the chief decision maker and you must make a lot of decisions. The fate of your business is directly influenced by the internal and external structures that you […]

How the Consumer Confidence Index can help your business

As the CEO of your business, you worry about daily operations, but you also need to be forward-looking and keep an eye on future economic conditions. Since most of us are not economists and do not have a crystal ball we have to make a best guess about where the economy is heading. A good […]

Super Bowl Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

This year’s Super Bowl was a mega-event watched by over 120 million people.  That’s a lot of eyeballs!!  There was some great football with a come from behind win by the Chiefs, a much-anticipated half-time show with Usher and Taylor Swift got  more than a few moments of TV time.  But how about the commercials? […]