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How CEOs Manage Time

How CEOs Manage Time It’s the scarcest resource you have. How you allocate it matters—a lot.  Time management is just as important for a small business owner as it is for a corporate CEO.  Both positions require a significant amount of time and energy.  However, there is a problem, there is never enough time. As […]

CEOs need to decide

CEOs need to decide The “40-70” Rule As the CEO of your business, you must make many critical decisions about the strategic direction of your company. Every decision that you make is determined by a variety of factors such as information, confidence, experience and your willingness to call the shots. When all these pieces come […]

When Does the Founder Become CEO

As a small business owner, you’ve built your business from the ground up.  However, as your small business starts to flourish and expand, your role with the business needs to change. The day arrives when you are no longer the business owner but need to become the CEO of your business. This transition comes with […]